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Executive Council

KATFACS President: Laurali Masterson

Wichita County High School,

KATFACS President Elect: Aubry Weigel

Wichita West High School,

KATFACS Secretary: Ashley Weber

Clearwater High School, 

KATFACS Financial Director: Laurali Masterson

Wichita County High School,

KATFACS Past-President: Renae Spangler

Campus High School,


District Vice-Presidents and Assistants


District A  – Kathy Werner and Bridget Bockwinkel

District D – Lisa Pluff and Beth Luhman

District E – Debbie Chipps and Monique Litherland

District F – Robyn Hilt and Elisabeth Maldonado 

District H – Merritta Combs and Cherry Coen

District I – Linda Swan and Brittney Potter

District J – Leah Hoesli and Janet Holden

FCCLA SEAC Representative – Kathy Werner

Mentoring Chair – Janet Holden

Website – Monique Litherland


Gayla Randel

Pam Lamb

Janine Duncan

Sheila Cook

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